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K arlynn Keyes has a wealth of brand development experience as both an entrepreneur and a designer. She is launching her latest jewelry collection which will be in fine retail stores in the Fall. Following the unprecedented success of the "Slides"​ from Rocslide, this new collection continues to shake up the jewelry industry. Please visit:

Her successful design career has spanned several industries from art and architecture to branding and licensing. Karlynn is an accomplished designer who believes in the power of great design. Karlynn has also enjoyed great success with publishing, promotions, partnerships and philanthropy and she has the ability to work seamlessly with celebrities and the media. 

Now, Karlynn is bringing that invaluable business experience to the development of exciting, new brands in key industries. “I am committed to developing dynamic brands that will delight customers and collectors,” states Miss Keyes. “In this new economy, consumer tastes have become very sophisticated and people insist on creativity and quality. Brands must exceed expectations to be successful and I create exciting brands that bring artistic excellence to the marketplace."​ 

Other successful brands include, A Thousand & Co., The Trail of Painted Ponies, The Gallery Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale, The Citadel Pinnacle Peak and Children's Prayers for America.

As the former president of The Trail of Painted Ponies, Karlynn spent 10 years developing this public art project into one of the finest gift and collectible companies in the industry, with sales exceeding $200 million dollars. She and The Trail of Painted Ponies have proudly gifted over $1 million to various non-profit organizations and her commitment to the arts and philanthropy are evident throughout her work.

Double Star

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Tagline: It’s All About the Jewels!

Trademark & Patent-Pending




Tagline: Snap on Some Sparkle


Hoop la la


American Valentine

Tagline: Follow Your Heart



Love Lockettes

Tagline: Love is Everywhere



State of Mind

Tagline: Love is a State of Mind

Belief is Beautiful

Tagline: The Keys to Faith

American Valentine Apparel & Accessories

Tagline: Follow Your Heart

Rhinestone Cowgirl Collection

Tagline: Saddle-Up and Bring on the Bling

A Thousand & Co

Tagline: Giftable Greetings

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