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Welcome to Rocslide, an innovative, private jewelry company that is unlike any other jewelry brand in the marketplace today. You see, Rocslide isn’t simply about pretty jewelry...Rocslide is all about innovation and creating entirely new “categories” of jewelry that will rock this billion dollar industry. Listen carefully…can you hear the rumble? 

The secrets can be found in the patent-pending designs that make Rocslide jewelry interchangeable, allowing women to wear jewelry in completely new ways. Rocslide has reimagined the very architecture of jewelry, including how it can be worn and what it can be worn on. As they say, “where fashion and jewelry collide, it’s a Rocslide.” This is American Ingenuity at its finest! 


Created by designer Karlynn Keyes and her daughter, Valor Lee, whose lifelong obsession with incredible jewelry led to a desire to shake things up. Coming from a family of successful designers and entrepreneurs, their passion for creativity and business comes naturally. 

As the CEO and visionary behind Rocslide, Karlynn has a wealth of design and brand development experience and she has focused her talents on developing Rocslide into one of the most exceptional jewelry brands in the world.

Karlynn has a wealth of brand development experience. As the former president of the Trail of Painted Ponies, Karlynn spent 10 years developing this public art project into one of the finest gift collectible companies in the industry, with sales exceeding $200 million. She and the Trail of Painted Ponies have proudly gifted over $1 million to various non-profit organizations and her commitment to art and philanthropy are evident throughout her work.

Originally from Minnesota, her fascination with art, architecture and fashion took her to Parson’s in Paris before graduating from the American College in London.

With her tremendous talent and extraordinary experience in handling the legal affairs for Rocslide that included patents, trademarks and copyrights, Valor’s fascination with the law was piqued and this Summa Cum Laude graduate from USC is now attending Harvard Law School.

The rich, artistic traditions and breathtaking landscape of the Southwest have inspired artists and architects for centuries. This tradition continues and this is where you will find the design studio for Karlynn Keyes, tucked away on her small, organic ranch in sunny Scottsdale, surrounded by an environment that provides invaluable inspiration for all of her collections for Rocslide.  

To learn more about Rocslide visit:

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