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Our Philosophy is Simple...


We are passionate about creating world class brands for girls and children of all ages. We appreciate the power of creativity and we believe that girls should always be surrounded by great design!


Our patent-pending jewelry designs are shaking up the jewelry industry and changing the way girls accessorize.


Greetings & Gifts are the way girls stay in touch with family and friends. To that end, we have created “A Thousand & Co.” which is a comprehensive giftable greeting collection that has been licensed by Papyrus, featuring jewelry, which is the pitch perfect way to say, “I’m thinking of you..."


Finally, we believe toys should take children on magical adventures into the world of enchanted play. Our mission is to inspire girls to celebrate their creativity and to educate and entertain them, while developing their imaginations more fully. Good design is inspiring! 



The hallmark of Double Star Studio is design innovation and excellence, in all of the brands we create.

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