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Karlynn Keyes and Valor Lee are mother-daughter designers and entrepreneurs whose love of beauty and brands have led them to create exciting, enduring brands in several industries including jewelry & accessories as well as gifts & greetings and artful & educational products for girls.Karlynn & Valor bring an unprecedented level of innovation to each collection they create. As members of the Accessories Council and the Fashion Group International, they are innovators in the jewelry & accessories industry as well as the greeting & gift industry. 


Karlynn has a wealth of brand development experience. As the former president of The Trail of Painted Ponies Inc., Karlynn developed this public art project into one of the finest gift and collectible companies in the industry, with sales exceeding $220 million dollars. She is also an accomplished designer and editor, having created over 25 top selling Painted Ponies and several award-winning books. Karlynn traces her appreciation of art, architecture and fashion to her early travels to the most beautiful cities in the world. Her studies took her to Parsons in Paris before graduating from the American College in London. Settling in the American Southwest, she and her parents formed a real estate development company, creating signature restaurants, art galleries and boutiques that reflected the beauty of regional art & architecture. 


Intrigued after writing the patents, copyrights and trademarks for these collections, Valor's fascination with legal matters and intellectual property were piqued and she is currently attending Harvard Law School focusing on licensing, intellectual property, sports & entertainment. This Summa Cum Laude graduate from the University of Southern California has worked for Elizabeth Arden in London and Universal Studios in Los Angeles. She has traveled and studied extensively throughout China, Turkey, Greece, France, England and Italy, and was invited to participate in the Annenberg International Communication Studies China program, where she studied media and commerce in China, while meeting with international business and political leaders. Valor has an exceptional understanding of licensing, Generation Y and social media, in the United States and abroad.

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